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If You are not sure about your Date of Travel?

If You are sure about your Date of Travel?

(Kindly note that it is mandatory to stay one night at Port Blair on your return from Havelock and if you would like to return the same day as your flight you can opt for our private speed boat transfer)

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Island Explorer

Islands Explorer-Andaman Beach Travels

Experience the pleasure of sea cruising, and discover some of the famous Islands in our day sailing

Refurbished in one of the Oldest and traditional boat building style of South East Asia, she is well equipped to give you that pleasure of CRUISING but at the same time complying with the safety and security standards prescribed locally .It has got

  • An open Sun Deck in the front to give you the space to experience the ocean and its surroundings.
  • Air Conditioned Cabin with a Passenger Capacity 36 People.
  • Air Lounge on the upper deck with a seating capacity of 10 people.

Sun Set Cruise ( A perfect way to Cast away the day )

Daily Trip -Timing will be as per the Sun Set Time.

Starting at around 0400 hours in the evening, we will slowly sail around the periphery of Port Blair Island crossing many Port & harbors to reach the Set Sun Point. We will drop our anchors, while you enjoy our traditional Nicobari crew member playing guitar of traditional songs and the sun slips away casting fiery hues of Orange and Red.

“A perfect way to cast away the Day “
  • Trip Inclusions
    1. A non alcoholic welcome drink on arrival.
    2. Snacks and drink while on Board
  • Pricing with Trip Inclusion
    1. Cost per Person = INR 1000 / Head
    2. Snacks and drink while on Board

For Info/ Queries : Mr. Santosh Kumar , Mob: 9474262390 Landline - 03192-230153 & 03192-230154
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