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Havelock Island

Havelock is a picturesque Island with beautiful tropical rain forest with white sandy beaches and lush green forest, coral reefs with a colourful array of aquatic life, palm trees, as well as dense forests in the interiors... This island has "SEVENTH MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH" in the world. The Island provides great outing with a virgin beach and an unpolluted atmosphere. Radhanagar beach in Havelock Islands is a real exposure to the un-polluted atmosphere and also it was rated as the best beach in Asia by Time magazine in 2004.

Havelock Island-Andaman Beach Travels

Neil Island

A marvelous Island with plenty of marine life, Neil Island in Andaman is an ideal location for eco-tourism with the sandy beaches at Sitapur, Bharatpur and Lakshmanpur are very attractive for spending holidays and evenings. The breathtaking view of sea and the lusting greeneries in the island is really rejuvenating and enjoyable for enthusiastic travelers.

Neil Island-Andaman Beach Travels

Ross Island

Ross Island Located at the mouth of Port Blair harbour, Ross Island was the seat of Imperial Administration till the Island fell into the hands of Japanese in 1942. The Island is having old buildings and Monuments of immense historical and archaeological value. A small museum opens doors to the by gone era. The island is small and waits to get walked the history. Now The Island is govern by Indian Navy.

Ross Island-Andaman Beach Travels

Baratang Island

Baratang holds the nature’s best treasures gifted to the Islands i.e. Limestone caves, Active Mud Volcano, the mangrove eco system, Parrot Island is a rare attraction for bird lovers. Baratang island is connected by ATRRoad (Andaman Trunk Road) The Road journey from Port Blair to Baratang through a dense rainforest is a eco-adventure trip for tourist.

Baratang Island-Andaman Beach Travels

Rangat Island

Rangat provides the calm village life and solitude of virgin nature. It offers unpolluted air, a rare commodity for the city dweller... Its main attraction is turtle nesting ground at Cutbert Bay beach. Located in Middle Andaman at a distance of 210 Kms. from Port Blair, land route from Port Blair (9 hours) crosses dense tropical forest, mangrove creeks and also the habitations of the native people .

Rangat Island-Andaman Beach Travels

Jolly Buoy

Jolly Buoy one of the world's beautiful island offers a breath taking view of underwater coral and marine life. Glass bottom boats help to take a closer look at the coral colonies. Ideal for sea bathing and basking in the sun kissed beach and great place for swimming and snorkeling...

Jolly Buoy-Andaman Beach Travels

Red Skin

Red Skin Island, The lure of underwater coral gardens and unspoiled beaches in the lap of the Virgin Island and unpolluted environment invites you for a wonderful experience. And ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Red Skin Island-Andaman Beach Travels

Viper Island

Viper Island stands as a witness to the grim sufferings that the freedom fighters of our country had to undergo during the British Rule. The British used to keep dangerous prisoners who resorted to hunger strikes and non-cooperation. The island has a gallows atop a hillock, where condemned prisoners were hanged. The famous rebellion Sher Ali, who killed Lord Mayo the Viceroy of India in 1872, was also hanged here.

Viper Island-Andaman Beach Travels

Chatham Island

Chatham Island Owned by the forest department, one of the largest saw mill in Asia converts huge logs into timber of different sizes and supplies to private & government departments at reasonable price. Ornamental species used in manufacture of furniture and handicraft are processed here.

Chatham Island-Andaman Beach Travels

Mayabunder Island

This Island comes after Rangat, offers excellent scenic beauty & beautiful beaches. Beach at Avis Island (separate Small Island travelled by local engine dingy), Karmatang beach and mangrove- lined creeks are the prime attraction of this place. Karmatang Beach is also a turtle nesting ground where one can view nesting of turtles during December - February season.

Mayabunder Island-Andaman Beach Travels


There are many islands and beaches around Diglipur. Situated in North Andaman Island, the islands provides a rare experience for eco-friendly tourists. It is famous for its oranges, rice and marine life. Kalpong is the only river of Andaman flows from here. Saddle Peak, 732 meters, the highest peak in the Andaman & Nicobar islands and famous for turtle nesting during December – February. Reaching here: connection by road and also by sea. From Mayabunder one has to travel another 25 kms for Diglipur and to Kalipur (18 kms.)

Diglipur-Andaman Beach Travels

Ross & Smith Island

Ross and Smith Islands are known as the Twin Islands of Andaman and Nicobar group of islands. Ross and Smith islands are actually two islands – Ross and Smith joined together to make a single group of islands. These are one of the must watch places in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Ross & Smith Island-Andaman Beach Travels

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