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Coral Safari – Mini Sub Marine

Sun shining bright, Deep blue still waters, white sand and pleasant winds will welcome you when you step into the island of Andaman. The crystal clear shallow waters with world's most colorful underwater corals and rarest species of fish make the place Heavenly. 

Coral Safari is a semi-submarine which will take you into the deep sea in a most comfortable 100 seater cabin, fully air-conditioned. When you watch the unbelievable under sea world through the large glass windows inclined at 45 degrees, it will give you a spine thrilling experience. People of all ages can comfortably enter and exit the vessel. Its once in a life time experience which allows you to see the most exciting, magnificent deep sea world which will mesmerize you and take you into a heaven on earth experience.

Whether it's just curiosity, for research, Knowledge or relaxation. Coral Safari can take you through an unbelievable visual experience, which will take you into a trans! Your trip begins after reaching Andaman water sports complex. Upon reaching the Water sports complex you board the semi-submarine to explore the underwater reef. The trip is for 2 Hours where you experience the amazing boat ride. Post completion of the trip we drop you back to the water sports complex. For those who by any chance is not able to make to Andaman water sports complex on time then you will have to reach North Bay Island from Andaman Water Sports complex. Here you board the coral safari to experience the underwater world in all different manner.

Duration - 2 Hours  Timing- 6:30 a.m to 08:30 AM        - 8:30 a.m to 10:30 AM
Trip timings are subject to changed without any prior notice based upon payload and weather conditions.


  • Boat Ride for 2 Hours
  • Travel Assistance during the trip


  • Any other tour not mentioned above
  • Any detour to any other sightseeing place

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