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Shree Mahadev Temple

Sri Mahadeva Temple (which will be towering upto 38 height Including 21.5ft.high gokuram) will occupy an area of 1200,on The Bank of Burmanallah,Approximately 15 ft.high from ground level on Hilltop.

The Temple Comprises of Moolsthanam(having 1 shiv lingam Surrounded by 12 jyothir lingams) in front of Nandi Gokuram and Would also accomodate sri vinayagar shrine,shriambal shrine and sri Subramaniyar Shrine along with Navgrah Temple.Additionally, the Temple Premises would Comprise of an Auditorium, Office, Accomodation Space for Pujari,Sanitary Facility and a Ring Well.

The Temple Premises would include the Mukhadwar and would be Enclosed by a 15 ft. Compound Wall.The Temple would be Designed Traditionally with Red Bricks, Granite Marbles,Stone,Doors and Idols,all being imported from Tamilnadu,by Professional Architects from Tamilnadu itself.

The entire Gopuram would Facilitate Led Lighting system and the entire Temple would be powered by Solar Energy.

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